Getting a fake diploma from Melbourne

As parents, one of the hardest things you can see a child go through is struggles. We watch our daughter struggling with college and contemplate dropping out. No sure what to do next, a neighbor of ours suggest using a novelty degree as a way to boost her self-esteem and encourage her to graduate. At the time, the idea seemed irrational but getting a fake Melbourne diploma was worth a shot.

She started taking classes there after secondary school and early on, hopes were high. It was until about a year in, that she started to have a hard time in class. It wasn’t until late that she realized she was spending too much time going out and not enough time with her studies.

When we confronted her about it, both my husband and I could tell she had lost interest in getting her degree. We wanted to do something to encourage her and were open to ideas.

Then our neighbor Linda mentioned that her son was struggled with school and she purchased a fake diploma. She said the diploma was a custom made document, designed after an actual certificate with his name on it. The plan? To show him a diploma with his name on it, make him see the potential in being a college graduate. Did it work for her son? Yes it did. We’re proud to say Sam returned to college and got his diploma certificate. We both hoped the same would happen for our little girl.

I remember that night searching online for diplomas when I found Diploma Company. They were one of the few sites that offered live chat and phone support, so they immediately felt trustworthy over the others. They even let us preview their work before it shipped out which made the decision to buy reassuring.

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You see my husband graduated from the same Melbourne College and had his certificate hung up in our study for years. Our daughter knew what it would looked like and a poorly made fake would not do the trick. The guys at Diploma Company assured me their documents were high quality and even though the sample backed that up, I waited to see the real thing in person.

A few days later, the diploma arrived. We were astonished by how real it looked. Even my husband was amazed. The question then became how to present this to our daughter.

What we did was got it framed and hung it up in the study next to my husbands. That night, we encouraged her to hang out with her day after dinner at his desk. I remember the second she walked in, immediately stunned that two diplomas hung on the wall. She glanced at the second and saw her name. She started to cry. It was because when she was a little girl she dreamed about graduating at the same school her dad did. She said she knew something wasn't right and wondered how we got it, but she touched because she knew what we were trying to accomplish with it.

That night we spoke about her struggles, how we could help and a plan of action. I am proud to say that she returned to college and is doing much better. We hope to see her graduate soon.

We are so happy that Diploma Company was able to help us. The quality of their work was spot on, impressing my husband but more than that, helping my daughter achieve her dreams.