fake diploma certificates


    Fake Diploma Certificates Starring as Movie Props!

    Movies often market the stars in them, but maybe it's time they gave more consideration to the props in them such as diplomas? Often when we watch our favorite shows or movies, it's the little things that bring a scene to life. Take into consideration, a moment where the star of the show walks in their manager's office. On the wall, hangs his manager's certificate which is nothing more than a diploma prop. Although we may not focus a lot of our attention on that prop, it's important because it make the manager's character seem more credible. Without a diploma could he still be a manager? Sure. BUT it makes him look more official, his character more believable and his ability to pull off the manager's role easier. As a movie going audience, they want us to feel like we are a part of the story, that what is happening is actually happening. Only then when...

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