What is an Honourary Degree

Typically a research program spanning between one to two years, the consecutive Australian with Honours degree is done once a Bachelors degree is obtained in a relevant field. To save some time, you can also start it in parallel to your fourth year of Bachelors degree. The general consideration of this degree is in tandem with a postgraduate degree, as a bachelors degree is a prerequisite for this course.

The preferred score for gaining admit to this Honours program is a distinction throughout (75% +) and the student should have exceptional skills to qualify, as the basis on which admits are given is highly competitive.

Usually, when students opt for the regular Honours program, they will have to gain specialization in their area of research and deliver a long and high-quality thesis of their research. Alongside, they will also have to give a seminar or presentation to an academic board, for which, they will be evaluated. If the quality of the thesis delivered is extraordinarily high, it might also be published in a peer-reviewed journal. If students are academically excellent in Honours program, they can continue with a doctoral program and they will not need a masters degree to start their doctoral program.

Recently, university from Melbourne has started a Master of Business Honours program. When students complete this program successfully, they will be awarded with an Honours.