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Often people purchase a fake GED diploma because they recently lost one. Some struggling to pass the test, want a novelty one to boost their self esteem. Sometimes just seeing their name on one, inspires them to reach their goals. Others want to trick a friend into thinking they earned one instead. Regardless of why you need it, most people know how a GED is suppose to look. A fake one that is poorly made and a cheap replication will not do. Fortunately, Diploma Company has spent years collecting actual GED documents from across Canada and the United States. We use these original layouts to replica 100% custom made fakes for you! In fact we offer GED layouts for all 50 USA states and GED layouts for all 10 Canadian territories! Our resources and knowledge go beyond any other novelty diploma shop.

How can you promise the best quality?

Once you make an order with us, we will pull an original template we have assigned to your area. For instance if your fake GED is in New York, we use our local New York layout. In Florida, it's our Florida layout. Toronto uses the Toronto layout and so on. We have layouts broken down by cities, counties, localities and more. We even have designs that date back years ago for older diploma requests. These layouts capture the structure, fonts and more found on actual issued documents. No other site is this detailed in their work. We promise that nobody else delivers a fake ged diploma or fake high school equivalency diploma that matches better!

What do I need to have when ordering Fake GED Diplomas?

Unlike some websites that will ask you to pick a layout you like from a list, we don't. This is because we know which layout to use based upon your order. That being said, the information we collect is minimal. We simply need to know what name you want on the document, dates for passing and your location. We take care of the rest! If you are unsure of anything, just leave product options blank and we will explain things later. Once the order is submitted, it is 100% custom made by our certified design team. It is then securely packaged up and shipped out to you fast!

What about score sheets for transcripts?

A lot of people ask us about test scores, since they are very common. What are they? Well, they breakdown how good (or bad) you did on each part of the test. Such a test usually has several parts like history, English, math and so on. Of course, the decision to include the sheets with your order is entirely up to you and there no pressure. For this reason we do offer fake score sheets and recommend that you consider our fake ged diploma and transcript packages! This combo package is (everything you need) as both documents - sold together - at a discounted rate. If you decide you don't want them and just want the diploma, that is fine too.