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Realistic Fake GED Transcripts! Designed from real ones! Custom Grades!

Many customers looking to purchase a fake GED, ask "what is a fake score sheet?" Well, a GED test is often broken down by several parts including Math and English. A score sheet or transcript record, will show how good (or bad) you did on each part.

At Diploma Company, we create fake ones that are designed after actual scores. Many people buy these documents for personal record keeping or to fool friends into thinking they did great on the test. Others buy fake ged transcripts to see the score they hope to someday get and push them towards their goals. Regardless of why you want them, we know that you demand quality. That is why we have put so much energy into understanding their layouts and making our products are realistic as possible.

What do I need to know to Buy Fake GED Transcripts?

Since our documents are 100% custom made, we need to know a few details. .These include the name of the testing center, your name, dates, etc. Our site will walk you through the buying process. Should you have any questions, please leave the options blank and we can discuss them with you later. Once we have everything submitted, we will start on your order. A custom transcript is then made, personalized, packaged up and shipped out. You won't find a most realistic looking document of this kind anywhere else.

It is important to note that most score sheets are handed out with diplomas. If interested in a diploma too, we recommend our fake ged diploma and transcript packages. View them by clicking here. These packages includes both items at a discounted rate. They can also be bought separately.