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Realistic High Quality Custom Novelty Academic Transcripts?

When it comes to producing high quality fake transcripts from high schools, colleges, universities and more, has an edge on the competition. That is because we have spent years collecting a wide variety of coursework for popular degrees and majors choices! This ensures you that our documents capture elements that make each academic transcripts unique.

Every novelty record we print is forced onto security paper just like many schools use. This type of paper features a number of security features including embedded watermarks, heat sensitive fibers and more. Each document is then 100% custom tailored with your unique details including, such as student names and addresses, dates for passing, degree information, degree-matching coursework, and more. Each document is printed, a transcript key is added, and they are embossed. There is no other site that puts this much effort into their novelty academic transcripts.

How Do I Buy Fake Transcripts from High Schools, Colleges, GEDs, etc?

Look above at our product options. There you can pick from ged, high school, or college level transcripts. The site will walk you through he ordering process. Remember that we stock general coursework for a variety of fields, but if you have a specific list of classes and grades you want featured, we can help with that too. When placing an order online, just be sure to upgrade to custom coursework. With this, we will contact you shortly after ordering to collect information about the coursework you want showcased.

Also, if you want a diploma with your fake transcripts, be sure to check out our fake diplomas and transcripts section where we offer combo packages at discounted rates.