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This Product Features!!!
  1. Layouts for all 50 USA States!
  2. Realistic Diploma Seals!
  3. Realistic Signatures and Proper Signature Placement!
  4. Matches Layout, Structure, Fonts and more of real diplomas! Get your replica!
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Fake USA GED Diploma

Buy Fake USA GED Diplomas! All 50 United States States! Realistic Layouts! Gold Seals!!!!!

Are you looking to purchase a fake USA GED Diploma? If so, Diploma Company stocks templates for all 50 USA states! This includes designs for different cities and counties, ensuring the most realistic novelty anywhere! This layouts capture many elements on the actual document including it's layout, structure, fonts and more. We even stock layouts for different years, meaning we can recreate a GED from 40+ years ago. They make great replacements for lost or damaged GEDs or as a way to fool friends. You will be amazed by their realism.

If you want to buy this fake USA GED diploma, please fill out the form below. You will be asked what state the GED was from, to ensure we use the right layout. If you are looking for a GED from Canada, click here.

Regular Price: AUD $106.40

Special Price AUD $92.93

If you would like to purchase item, please fill out the order form below. Make sure all fields with a * are filled out. Once form is complete select blue "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" button at bottom.

GED tests are usually taken all year. There is no set date. The decision is yours. Please put the date you want to show the test was completed or at least put in a year and we will handle the rest.

A GED test is often taken at a local testing center. There are often multiple testing centers in your area. If you know what center you want to use, list it here. If you don't know, leave blank and we'll use a common one that is near you.

This is the name you want to appear on the document. Please make sure to write it exactly as you want it to appear including full middle names or initials.

Up top we asked for your testing center. Sometimes there are more than one testing centers that share the same name! To make sure we aren't confusing these, please confirm the address or exact city/town of your testing center here. If you are asking us to provide a testing center, ignore this part of the order form.

Most of the time diplomas are presented in a nice leather cover. We stock them, if you want one just request it here. We recommend choosing 216 mm x 279 mm covers unless you requested a large sized document.

This product comes with just one diploma. If you want more than one, please request that here.

Would you like to proof your order before it ships? If so, select YES here. We will send you a sample of your custom document(s) to look over and approve before they ship out. Please note that this process may delay shipping, as we need to take the necessary time to create your sample and have it approved by you. Most samples are approved the same business day though. Our sample department works Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 3PM EST minus weekends and major US holidays.

Please leave any notes for our staff, in regards to your order.

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Customer Reviews

GREAT DEGREE Certified Product Review by PLAYA4U
Good stuff. Certified Product Review by Charicareat
I always wanted a GEd. Could never get mine. So screw it, got this. It's just for me, so nobody needs to loose their mind over it! It's just a joke. haha Found the site very simple to use, just a few questions. I got it last week and my friend who had a real one, thought it was real. I'm not kidding! Very impressed by the quality. Showed it to another friend who passed and he through it was legit. Site is the real deal.
CAME TODAY AND LOOKS AWESOME. Certified Product Review by Maninhay

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