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If you are seeking samples of seals, diplomas, and transcripts from popular high schools, colleges, and universities, Diploma Company is your fake diploma expert! We allow customers to purchase custom printed fake degrees, fake transcripts, and fake certifications online. All of our products are made to order using high-quality seals, emblems, and logos to ensure a realistic look. You can find out more about these product add-ons and techniques and even see examples of work we've done by viewing the gallery links below featuring our phony diplomas and transcripts. Whether you are shopping for documents from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or beyond, you will be amazed by our resources and understanding of these products.



These days it isn't unusual to meet somebody who has purchased fake diplomas and transcripts. Whether they want to protect their original document, play a hoax on their friends or co-workers, or lift their own self-image, such products get the job done right. As the internet has opened more and more doors to resources about these documents and professional printing technology is more accessible than ever, these diplomas and transcripts can be replicated pretty accurately, making it hard for people to tell the difference between them and the originals. 

As the best phony-diploma site around, nobody knows more about fake degrees and transcripts than Diploma Company! A truly good phony-diploma shop like us should pay close attention to the little things that make a diploma stand out, such as the types of seals showcased on the credential, including shiny gold and waxed options, or how the document’s layout itself is structured, and where the signature lines are, for instance, and how those same lines may have changed if the school issued new diploma designs recently. 

We encourage you to view our own samples of fake high school and college diplomas, and other documents, so that you can get a good understanding of the type of work we do and how precise we are when it comes to the finer details. After you do so, we are confident you will recognize why nobody knows diplomas better than we do.

Before buying a replica diploma or transcript through any website, be sure to check out their collection of documents they've made in the past, by viewing their sample gallery. Even though most sites will show off a big collection of fake high school diplomas and other samples on their site, some photographs may be removed because of violations or limitations that the company has.

Our own samples are displayed with the name of our website—Diploma Company—printed across them. We add this watermark to protect our own images from being taken by other websites and having them pass off our own work as theirs. In the past, this has happened, and customers have confused us for less reputable dealers. Any final fake diplomas, fake transcripts, or fake certificates we print and ship to our clients will not mention the name of our website. This is only for the purposes of posting images on the site.

By simply looking at the samples that a supplier offers online, it is possible to get a good idea of the experts who work in their design department and the quality of work they produce. Make sure to compare the colors of the paper on each document, the metallic finish on the seals, and the security features of the transcripts to other diplomas and transcripts you may have seen in the past. In most cases, you should not be able to spot major differences between the two. A well-made fake certificate or replica diploma should be very close to the original, making it hard to tell the difference between what is real and what is novelty.

We are mindful that there are many websites that deal in fake diplomas and degrees from universities, high schools, and colleges, but you can listen to what our past customers have to say about us and our work by visiting our testimonials page.